Workplace Wellness

Build an Environment of Health in Your Company
The Cleveland Clinic can help you build a culture of wellness through our proven, successful, evidence-based programs. We provide the tools leadership needs to motivate employees to take actions that will improve their health, and validated measures for program evaluation. Learn more about each of our programs and how we can work together to meet your company’s wellness goals.

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Our Assessments help you determine the right path to wellness for your culture and your organization. From tactical programs around walking or weight-loss to a more strategic approach that will give your organization a wellness roadmap and build stakeholder buy-in, our team can guide you toward culturally–specific solutions that are right for you.


Through our Wellness Assessments, we have found that stress is the #1 issue for employees. Our clinically developed six-week program uses mindfulness meditation to help. Employees learn a straightforward approach to managing their reactions to stress, building resilience in all aspects of their lives and reducing risks of stress-related diseases.


Caregivers often are so busy caring for others that they tend to neglect their own emotional and physical health. Cleveland Clinic Wellness has developed Stress Free Now for Healers as a preventive care program to support nurses and physicians across the nation by proactively providing the tools necessary to manage stress.


Provide one-on-one expert coaching to your employees anywhere in the world through personalized, simple, targeted daily email communication. Help them experience optimal health through increased physical activity, better food choices, successful stress management and tobacco cessation. This program is scalable and effective.


Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle EAP is a results-based EAP focused on mental and physical health, not on illness. Employee stress and stress-related depression costs employers more than any other modifiable health risks. With our Lifestyle EAP program, you’ll have the tools to prevent difficult life challenges from becoming costly problems at work.


Studies show that lack of quality sleep impedes our ability to manage weight, emotions and life. This six-week program follows a treatment plan similar to those used in top sleep clinics. Employees learn what to avoid and what to do for optimal sleep.